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Life Science and Biotechnology Consulting Firm

Research Lifecycle Solutions provides strategic clinical and regulatory solutions so that companies can achieve their commercial market goals. We have a proven track record of accelerated strategies for global market access, achieving revenue growth and operational excellence across the healthcare ecosystem.

Our services are tailored to address your unique needs, and we work within almost any budget.

The medical device industry comes to us when they:

  • need a market access strategy
  • are preparing for development and execution of a clinical study 
  • are ready to engage and/or submit to regulatory agencies
  • need strategizing to achieve market adoption (reimbursement, expansion options)
  • conducting due diligence or valuation 
  • need implementation and flawless execution of the plan

Driven by the latest regulatory updates and industry trends, clients will know the specific regulatory path, correct clinical study to conduct, estimated timeline, and budget in order to make the best decision for achieving their goals.

We provide clear, unambiguous strategies to help get products to the market, according to the clients’ overall objectives.

We strategically plan each step before execution, ensuring a customized roadmap for your business. Our expertise spans clinical, regulatory, and project management integrated into a single consulting experience.

Once the product is on the market, we help clients expand the product’s footprint. We develop the “right” clinical study for our clients. We also provide GCP/ISO14155 compliant clinical trial execution.


Shaherah Yancy

Founder and CEO


At Research Lifecycle Solutions, we champion the cause of fostering a cycle of responsible research that paves the way for innovative medical products.

Are you a MedTech entrepreneur that needs to raise capital?

Crafting a compelling value proposition in your pitch that directly addresses the trending pain points not only attracts potential investors but also provides a clear roadmap to position your company for success.