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Shaherah Yancy

Founder and CEO

My 20-year career began at University of TN Health Science Center as a research assistant in the Department of Transplantation. Later, I worked at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Pharmaceutical Sciences for almost a decade.

My tenure at St. Jude drove the passion of patient advocacy in every aspect of my professional work. Caring for patient outcomes, the quality, and improvement of human life led me to the Life Science industry, specifically MedTech.

I’ve assumed leadership roles in clinical affairs Medtronic, Smith + Nephew, and Stryker. During this period, I spearheaded the development and execution of strategies, leading teams to successfully introduce new medical devices to global markets through strategic clinical and regulatory approaches. My areas of expertise span the United States, Europe, Australia, and China.

In 2023, I founded Research Lifecycle Solutions to deliver the same strategies that would empower companies to expedite their market objectives. I ventured to leverage my background to support emerging MedTech with growth and long-term sustainability.

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